Le novità dal laboratorio
  • Data: 11 Set 2022

Il Micro X-ray Lab ha partecipato al “XL SICA Congress” che si è svolto a Pisa dal 5 al 7 settembre 2022 con diverse presentazioni, sia orali che poster.

Presentazioni orali:

“K and Ca concentrations in leaves correlate with ASaV infection in climate change trees (Fraxinus ornus) of Hamburg”

“TXRF spectral information enhanced by multivariate analysis: a new strategy for food and seed traceability”

Presentazioni poster:

“Reuse of vine pruning residues in vinification: effect of their pretreatment on the chemical composition of wine”

“Development of in-situ methodologies for the assessment of table grapevine nutritional status”

“Low-Z TXRF spectrometer: a new strategy for the quantification of light elements in clays”

“First steps towards the assessment of PTEs availability through simple TXRF analysis of guttation drops”

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