Optical microscope with polarized light and hotstage

Microscope NIKON LV 100 DU with hotstage LINKAM LTS 420

MicroscopeTechnical features

The microscope is equipped with a device for observations in polarized transmitted light and consists of a tube with an analyzer 360° rolling stock, an incorporated Bertrand lens focusing eyepiece and centrable, and a diascopic rotatable polarizer.
Dedicated capacitor for specific achromatic polarization for use with long working distance objectives (LWD).
Set of optics consisting of a range of planachromatic objectives, with infinite corrections for observations in transmitted and reflected modes.
Table for the observation of dynamic phenomena at a controlled temperature equipped with a hotstage with cooling (range: from room temperature up to 420 °C) and temperature programming (with precision of at least 0.1°C).
The microscope is also equipped with a digital image acquisition system.


The microscope allows the morphological  and phase anaylisis of organic compounds and inorganic materials (e.g., ceramics and soils); the study of the principles of food production and processing; target identification in drug discovery and the formulation of a drug compounds; the determinations of thermotropic transitions of organic and polymeric compounds.