Portable X-ray Fluorescence

pXRF Thermo Scientific NITON XL3tPortable XRF thumb

Technical features

Target: Ag (50 kV, 40 μA, 2 W)

Equipped with all the accessories for in situ analyses

Stand for laboratory analyses

Detection of elements from Si a U


With this instrument, a quick in situ analysis can be performed. It allows the precise identification of the most relevant and useful samples directly in the field, thus supporting the sampling procedures for subsequent more precise laboratory determinations. The associated GPS localization of the points of analysis in the field allows to create distribution maps of the pollutants in the area of interest. Several matrices can be studied: plants, soils, rocks, alloys, building materials, and so on… In addition, analysis of environmental filters can be carried out with this spectrometer to study atmospheric pollution.

PXRF Operator