Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis


Technical features

Source: Schottky Thermal Field EmitterFoto SEM1
Resolution: 2.8 nm (at 1 kV); 1.5 nm (at 15 kV)
BS and in lens SE detectors
Oxford EDX detector
Possibility to work as STEM
Stage for magnetic samples
Acceleration voltage from 0.02 to 30 kV
Magnification: 10x – 1000000x
Variable pressure from 2 to 133 Pa
Sample stage can be cooled to -30°C
Capable of analysing non conductive samples


Thanks to its characteristics, this instrument has the capability to work with every kind of sample. It is really useful for environental purposes, such as the analysis of asbestos and dust, for the characterization of soils and rocks (structure, porosity, mineral and elemental distribution, etc.), in the medical and biological field (bacteria and cell analysis, identification of deposits in tissues, analysis of anathomical parts, etc), for material science studies (microstructural analysis, sintering studies, fracture propagation, etc), for cultural heritage characterization (elemental diffusion, analysis of depositions and pigments, etc.), and so on…