Thermogravimetric analyzer

TA Instruments SDT Q600

TGA2Technical features

Sample capacity: 200 mg
Balance sensitivity: 0.1 μg
Furnace type: bifilar wound
Temperature range: ambient to 1500˚C
Heating rate – ambient to 1000˚C: 0.1 to 100˚C/min
Heating rate – ambient to 1500˚C: 0.1 to 25˚C/min
Furnace cooling: forced air (1500 to 50˚C in < 30 min, 1000˚C in 50˚C in < 20 min)
Thermocouples: platinum/platinum-rhodium (type R)
Temperature calibration: Curie point or Metal Standards (1 to 5 Points)
DTA sensitivity: 0.001˚C
Calorimetric accuracy/precision: ± 2% (based on metal standards)


Organic compounds, inorganic materials (e.g. ceramics, soils, minerals), cements, polymers, pharmaceuticals, food products, and biological samples.