Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence

WDXRF Rigaku Supermini 200WDXRF

Technical features

Target: Pd (50 kV, 4 mA, 200 W)

Proportional and scintillation counters

Three diffraction crystals and Zr filter allows the analysis of elements from O to U

It works in air as well as in helium or vacuum atmosphere

Autosampler with 12 positions


This instrument can analyse liquids and solids of both organic and inorganic nature.  It is particularly suitable for the characterization of metals, soils, liquids, ceramics, composites, concretes, rocks, sediments and petrochemical  products. Samples can be analysed as powders (in the form of pressed pellets) or directly, if they have a suitable size.

WDXRF Operator