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  • Date: 28 Feb 2021


Coarse (CF) and Fine (FF) fractions were obtained by dry fractionation (air classification) of raw micronized flour (RM) of kabuli chickpea, green pea, yellow and red lentil. Pea showed the highest phytate content in RM and CF. Stachyose was the main oligosaccharide in lentils, exceeding 50 mg g−1, whereas raffinose (39.9 mg g−1) was abundant in chickpea. Antinutritional factors were significantly enriched in FF, whereas decreased in CF. Total-reflection X-ray fluorescence identified potassium as the main macronutrient in pulses. Ca was highly variable, ranging from 0.92 to 0.28 g kg−1 in pea and yellow lentil, respectively. A significant shift of minerals was observed in FF, but despite the highest phytate content, phytate:Zn ratio of lentils was lower than RM, indicating that Zn was enriched more than phytates. Yellow lentil and pea FF showed a protein content higher than 55 g 100g−1. Dry fractionation significantly affected the physicochemical properties, indicating different potential use of fractions.

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