News from the laboratory
  • Date: 09 Sep 2021

Micro X-ray Lab will participate to the Conference “Second Joint Meeting on Soil and Plant System Sciences (SPSS 2021)” (online, Turin, September 20-23, 2021) with the following contributions:

  • Effects of laboratory-simulated fires on the distribution and speciation of chromium (Cr) in agricultural soils: an integrated approach
  • Innovative X-ray fluorescence approaches for the study of plant viroses: the case of flowering ash in the city of Hamburg
  • Investigating the hazard of a Pb polluted soil through micro X-ray fluorescence and bio-availability assays using earthworms – preliminary results
  • Can fire events increase Cr uptake by durum wheat in polluted soils?
  • Antifungal activity of a zeolite synthesized from recycled materials: Perspectives for sustainable plant protection

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